How to Dial a Nextel Number

By Kenyonda Bradley

Use the Direct Connect feature on your Nextel phone to dial a Nextel number.
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Nextel is known for its Direct Connect (DC) walkie-talkie style phones, which allows other Nextel users to contact them with the push of a button. Before you can use the feature on your phone, you will need to dial the Nextel contact. Dialing the contact may be a bit tricky, since the Nextel Direct Connect number is made up of the area ID, network ID and member ID numbers. Once you have entered these numbers, you can "chirp" the Nextel customer and contact him almost instantaneously.

Direct Connect Users

Press the "Menu" button and open the "Phone" application.

Enter the Nextel Direct Connect member area ID number, then press the asterisk "" key. Enter the network ID number, then press the "" key. Finally, enter the member ID number. (For example: 99999999999)

Press and hold down the "Direct Connect" button located on the side of your Nextel phone.

Listen for a "chirp" sound. Start talking. Release the "Direct Connect" button to clear the floor and allow the other party to respond.

Press and hold the "Direct Connect" button to respond again.

Non-Direct Connect Users

Press the "Phone" button on your mobile phone or lift the handset on your land line phone.

Key in the Nextel contact mobile phone number. Press "Send" if you are using a mobile phone.

Wait for the phone to dial the number. Listen for the recipient to answer the call or a voice-mail box to pick up the call.