How to Dial Long Distance on a House Phone

By Pilar Ethridge

Sometimes you'll want to phone your friends and relatives who live in another area code. Whether you want to share good news or simply hear a loved one's voice, it's helpful to know how to properly dial long distance. You'll have to keep a few things in mind depending on where you're calling. But, overall, you'll get the hang of long-distance dialing from your home phone after just a few tries.

Domestic Long-Distance Calls

Step 1

Pick up your house phone's receiver and listen for a dial tone. If you don't hear one, someone might be using the phone. It's also possible that your telephone service is interrupted.

Step 2

Dial 1 before making a call to a location within the United States. This includes calls to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Dial the three-digit area code. Then input the seven-digit phone number. You should be dialing something like: 1-000-000-0000.

International Long-Distance Calls

Step 1

Check for a dial tone on your home phone and then dial 011.

Step 2

Input the country code and city code after dialing 011. Each country as well as the cities within that country will have a unique code. For instance, if you wanted to call someone in Venice, Italy, you'd have to dial 011 followed by 39, which is Italy's country code; and then 041, which is the city code in Venice.

Complete the call by dialing the local phone phone number. Without dialing 011, the country code and the city code, the local telephone number will not work.