How to Diagnose & Repair Audio Speaker Problems

By Greyson Ferguson

You can troubleshoot the problems on any home audio system.
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Regardless of whether you are listening to music, movies or video games, crisp audio is incredibly important to your multimedia experience. If, however, your speakers are off and playing distorted sound, with staticy "snow" or crackling, there is often a problem with either the speaker itself or the hardware you have the speakers hooked up to. Hopefully you are able to fix the equipment problem yourself, although it is possible a service repair specialist is required.

Listen for a slight snow on the audio speakers. If the snow is not coming from a radio station it means the speaker is not completely connected to the receiver. Push the wire running from the speaker directly into the receiver to stop the snow sound.

Eject the CD you are playing and clean it if there is the occasional static pop. Often this sound is due to a dirty CD; the receiver does not know what to play when reading the dirt on the disc, and so a pop sound is created. Wipe off the CD with a clean, soft cloth to remove any debris stuck to it.

Look over the wire running from the speaker to the receiver. If the popping continues, there may be a cut in the wire. If you locate a cut, cover it with electrical tape. This prevents some of the audio signal from escaping through the gash.

Reduce the volume. When speakers are unable to produce the high-volume audio you desire you start to hear a dull "thud" noise each time the bass hits. If the thud sound continues it means the speakers are dying out, and the only way to correct this is either for a service technician at a local stereo repair facility to replace the internal speaker, or for you to purchase a brand new speaker.