Devices to Help Locate a Car in a Parking Lot

By Jina Oravetz

If you forgot where you parked, there are devices that can help.
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Forgetting your parking place is frustrating and you may have wished for a device that would find your car for you. As of 2010 there are several options for car finders. These options include the Auto-Finder, the Bushnell Backtrack Point, the BrickHouse Security Child/Item locator, and even your cell phone, if you have an iPhone or an Android-type phone.


The Auto-Finder is a device that, according to Finder Technologies, uses "radio direction finding technology." This system consists of two pieces--a beacon and a finder. Place the beacon in your car. When you press the finder, it will find your car and beep. It also has light up arrows on the finder. The closer you are to your car, the faster the beeping and the more arrows that are lit up. It works in parking garages and has a half-mile range.

Bushnell: Backtrack Point

The Bushnell Backtrack Point is a GPS device. Before you leave your car, you hit a button to mark your current position. Then when you need to return, the device will guide you back to your car using arrows.

Brick House Security: BrickHouse Child Locator

The BrickHouse Child locator is a two-piece system. It has a hand-held device and a homing tag that uses radio frequencies to track and locate. Place the homing tag in your car and carry the finder with you. The device will lead you to your car by beeping. It has a 600-foot range.

Cell Phone Applications

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can use an application to find your car. The iPhone has a "Take Me to My Car" application. You record your location before leaving your car and then the application guides you back to it with on screen directions. The Android phone has the "Carr Matey" application, which works in the same manner of recording your location before you leave your car then using the application to find your way back. The "Carr Matey" will display a map and where your car is located on the map.