How to Develop a Winning Strategy at Beezid

by Michael Batton Kaput

It can be daunting to go head-to-head with the hardcore auction bidders on the penny auction site Beezid. You can find yourself spending far more money than you intended or losing auctions every time. However, while there is no strategy that guarantees you'll win on Beezid every time, you can follow some smart strategies to improve your win percentage and spend less money on bids. When you follow these tips, you can see higher success rates, and maybe even take home a big ticket item.

Bid at the beginning of an auction using the automatic AutoBeezid bidding tool. Users enter a range of prices for the auction item and, within that range, how many times to bid. When activated, the tool will automatically outbid anyone who bids until it reaches the limit a user specified. It's a way to flood an auction with split-second bids and scare away bidders.

Bid at non-peak times. Beezid users tend to follow the same schedules everyone else does, which means less people are competing on the site late at night, very early in the morning and during meal times. Use these times to your advantage to reduce the number of competitors you have to face for a desired item.

Avoid big ticket items. Many people are drawn to Beezid by the prospect of winning an iPad or plasma television for just a few dollars. However, these types of items attract the most bidders. Because they are worth so much money at retail price, these items also encourage bidders to spend hundreds of bids trying to win them. Unless you have the bankroll to keep up, look to less popular items for a better success rate.

Use promotions to your benefit. Beezid often runs auctions that are free to bid on where you can win more bids at a significant discount to the normal rates. Take advantage of the free bids and try to win these when you can. Having more bids in your account gives you a much better chance of sticking with other bidders when you are close to winning an auction.

About the Author

Michael Batton Kaput began writing professionally in 2009. He is an editor at two magazines and a freelance writer. He has been published in "Egypt Today," Egypt's leading current affairs magazine, and "Business Today Egypt," Egypt's number one English-language business magazine. He attended Denison University where he earned a degree in political science and English literature.