How to Determine an Xbox's Version

by Spanner Spencer
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The Xbox is a sixth-generation console designed and built by Microsoft. During its manufacturing lifespan, the Xbox underwent several iterations of hardware design. Version 1.0 represents the original hardware configuration. The final hardware revision was version 1.6B, bringing the total number of variations in the internal design to eight. Understanding which version of the Xbox hardware you have can be useful when making modifications or enacting repairs. By examining the serial number, you can determine the model and manufacture date without having to open the casing.

Step 1

Turn the Xbox upside down and locate the serial number sticker toward the rear of the console. The sticker will contain a bar code, a 20-digit product ID number and a 12-digit serial number.

Step 2

Determine the date of the Xbox's manufacture by examining the last five digits in the serial number. The first of these digits is the year in which the console was manufactured. For example, "3" indicates it was built in 2003. The next two digits represent the week it was manufactured. For example "348" indicates a build date of week 48 in 2003.

Step 3

Determine at which of Microsoft's four factories the Xbox was built by examining the last two digits of the serial number. "02" represents Mexico, "03" is for Hungary, "05" is for China and "06" is Taiwan. For example, a serial code with the last five digits of "34805" indicates the Xbox was built in week 48 of 2003 at the Chinese factory.

Step 4

Determine the manufacturing line within the factory by checking the first digit of the serial number. Each factory had six production lines, represented sequentially by number. For example, an Xbox with a serial number of "4****** 34805" indicates the Xbox was built in week 48 of 2003 on production line four at the Chinese factory.

Record the manufacturing date and location of the Xbox, and compare it to the chart in the Xbox Versions Howto Web page (see References) to determine the exact model of the console hardware.


  • The "Crystal" special edition Xbox, which featured a transparent case, is always version 1.5 or 1.6 of the hardware.
  • The "Halo" special edition Xbox, which had a translucent green case, is always version 1.2.

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