How to Determine What Size Loud Speakers I Need

by Erick Kristian

Loudspeakers should match the environment they will used in. The speakers also need to match the amplifier that will be powering them. Loudspeakers used in concerts are very different than loudspeakers used in a home theater system. The budget for the speakers and all the necessary equipment should also be considered as this can severely impact what type of equipment can be purchased.

Select the environment where the speakers will be housed. The room where the speakers will be makes a difference in what type of speakers are needed. A very large room will require larger speakers while a bedroom may not.

Determine the use of the speakers. Will the speakers be used to watch movies, play music, video games or be multipurpose? If the speakers will be used at parties then full-range loudspeakers may be more ideal than a home theater setup.

How loud will they be played? If the speakers need to be loud enough for audience members to comfortably hear but not deafen them, then most home theater speakers should be sufficient. These type of speaker systems will typically be less than 1,000 watts in power. However, if the speakers are meant to shock and awe, then full-range concert speakers may be a better option. These types of speakers may be several thousand watts.

Determine the budget. If the user has less than $1,000 to spend on the system, then a home theater speaker setup may be the most advisable as it is multipurpose and for that price the speakers will still be loud enough for most parties. However, if the user is a serious audio aficionado, then he may choose to spend more on full-range speakers with high-powered amplifiers.

Go to a stereo store and sample the products. Imagine how they would fit into the home. It's often said that seeing is believing, but with speakers hearing is believing. Some people may claim they want a high-powered system, but then when they hear an average-powered system they realize the extra money may not be worth it for their needs.

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