How to Determine the Resale Value of a Computer

By Jamie Lisse

Resale value depends on computer age.
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Selling an older computer is tricky. The main thing affecting it resale value is age. Technology progresses rapidly, making older computer obsolete quickly. That means resale values decline in similar fashion. You will get more for the computer by selling it before it reaches obsolescence. There are a few things you can do to determine its resale value.

Check the fair market value of the computer on the Used Price and Gadget Value websites (see Resources). You need to know the manufacturer of the computer. The value you get will be a national average, which could be lower or higher than the resale value in your local area. Use this information as a guide to determine your computer's likely average resale value.

Visit online sites such as or to see how much similar computers are selling for. On eBay, select "completed listings" from the left sidebar to refine your search. This allows you to see which computers actually sold and which did not, thus giving you another way to accurately gauge your computer's resale value. (Keep in mind that shipping cost lowers the resale value of some of the computers on eBay, so you may be able to get more locally).

Browse your local newspaper's classified ads for similar computers being sold in your local area. You you may not find the exact model, but should be able to figure out how much money other machines are being sold for in the area.