How to Determine LG Cell Phone Model

By Rob Harris

Updated August 29, 2017

Check under the battery to find your model number.
i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Finding your LG phone model number isn't quite as easy as looking on the outside of the phone, although you might find it on the outside of the box, if you still have it. Instead, most LG phones offer a couple of options for locating your specific model number, including checking under the battery or going through a menu option.

Finding the Model Number Sticker

All LG cell phones have their model numbers printed in the same place: under the battery, on a sticker attached to the phone's battery compartment. Turn off your phone, remove the back cover, and then take out the battery to reveal the white sticker. The model number should start with an "LG."

Finding the Model Number of an Android Phone

If you're using an Android LG phone, you can find the number through the menu, so that you don't have to turn off your phone. Go to your "Settings" menu, scroll down to "About Phone," and then tap "Phone Identity" to see several pieces of information about your phone, including the serial number and model number.