How to Determine an HID Card Number

By James Stone

The HID card number your business currently uses for access control and secured identity is printed on the back of the card. However, these numbers mean nothing to you because only HID representatives understand which numbers correspond with the type of access cards available. For each card holder, the same encrypted serial number is set, then programmed and assigned to the access control software. If you are installing an HID card system for the first time, HID can help you select a format and facility code.

Step 1

Turn over a working HID card. Typically, if you are using an HID card for physical access, the HID logo will be on the back of the card.

Step 2

Locate the small numbers printed on the bottom right side of the card. Write these numbers down or take the HID card with you to a computer or telephone. The printed numbers will help HID, after contacting global support, identify the type of card.

Step 3

Call HID at 800-872-5359 or send HID an email (see Resources). You also have the option of sending or emailing the label information from the last box of cards you received. The label will include: a serial number, part number, card range, quantity, format and facility code.