How to Determine Your Garmin Nuvi's Model Number

By Melissa King

Use your Nuvi's model number to find resources for your GPS.
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The Garmin Nuvi guides you through city streets and down rural roads with accurate directions, traffic updates and a list of points of interest. All Nuvis have a model number that enables you to identify your product. You'll need to know this model number if you want to look up documentation for your device, download updates or contact Garmin for support. If you know your model number, you can also quickly get service for your device in the event of a product recall. If your Nuvi is attached to a vehicle cradle, you need to remove it to find the model number.

Step 1

Disconnect the Nuvi from the vehicle charger, if applicable.

Step 2

Press the tab on the front of the vehicle cradle to unlock the Nuvi, and pull the device toward you to remove it.

Step 3

Flip the device over. Look for the model number on the back or bottom of the Nuvi. The model number always starts with "Nuvi" and is followed by three or four numbers or letters.