How to Determine DVD Copy Protection

By Ian Moore

Determine DVD Copy Protection

Piracy of movies has led to the enforcement and encryption of DVD copy protection technology. Copy protection prevents anyone from making a copy of the disc. The disc does not say in plain text that it is copy protected. Rather, it is embedded in the media as a code. The user must first try to make a copy of it. If it is indeed copy protected, a message will appear stating so. This is important to anyone who wants to find out if his or her DVDs are copy protected.

How to Determine DVD Copy Protection

Make sure you have a DVD burner and DVD copying software. Roxio Creator Basic is a disc copying program that comes with all XP and Vista OS computers.

Open Roxio by going to the Start menu and typing in "Creator Basic" in the search bar. Click on "Creator Basic."

Insert a movie DVD into the disc tray. Click "copy disc."

Click on the red button located at the bottom-right side to record the disc. If the movie is copy protected, you will see a message that says, "The disc you are trying to copy is copy protected. A copy of this disc may not be performed."

Click the "explain" button to understand further why the disc is copy protected.