How to Determine Alphabetical Order in Python

By Veronica Summers

Python is an open-source programming language ideal for learning how to program, due to its easy-to-read programming syntax. A common Python programming task is sorting a list of items in alphabetical order. For example, you may need to sort a list of items that your company needs to purchase. To sort a list in alphabetical order, use Python's built-in "Sorted" function.

Step 1

Open your Python editor.

Step 2

Enter a list of items. For example, type:

groceryList = ('apple', 'candy', 'berries', 'nuts')

Step 3

Sort the list using the "Sorted" function. Continuing the example, type the following:

sorted (groceryList)

Step 4

Press "Enter." Python sorts the list in alphabetical order.

['apple', 'berries', 'candy', 'nuts']

In the example above, Python sorts the strings in the variable, 'groceryList,' and returns a list, signified by brackets, containing the strings sorted in alphabetical order.