How to Detect My Sound Card Driver

by Nicholas Robbins

Sound card drivers interface with the computer's operating system to gain the optimum quality of sound from card-based audio devices. Card manufacturers create these drivers in order to help users get the most out of their products and must constantly update them to match changes in operating systems and hardware configurations. Often, users must detect their sound card drivers with native software to help determine if they have the correct and most recent set of tools for their sound cards.


Click on the "Start" menu from your computer's desktop.


Type "dxdiag" in the Run menu. Windows 7 users can type this directly into the Start menu search field, as it functions the same as the Run menu in previous versions.


Allow DirectX to search your system for installed components and drivers.


Select the "Sound" tab at the top of the dxdiag screen. If you have more than one sound card or driver system installed, multiple tabs will appear. The driver information appears in the box to the right of the sound device's description.


  • check Dxdiag can also search for installed video drivers and evaluate processor speeds.

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