How to Detect GPS Spy Detectors

By Palmer Owyoung

If you suspect that someone might be watching or tracking you, don't worry; you're probably not paranoid. With today's GPS technology, it is easier than ever to track a car, a cell phone or a person. All it requires is a small device that can fit into the palm of your hand, a piece of hardware attached to your vehicle or a software installed in your cell phone. So if you think that you're being followed, you are probably wondering how to detect GPS spy detectors. Don't worry; there are plenty of counter-measures out there that will help keep others from invading your privacy.

Get a GPS bug detector device (see Resource). An example of this kind of device is the Spy Hawk Pro RF GPS Bug Detector. This device will help you to find listening devices, portable cameras, GPS trackers and phone taps. In addition, it allows you to detect higher frequency bugs up to 9Ghz. Most bug detectors only detect up to 3Ghz, which means if the bug is using a higher frequency, it won't be detected.

Detect a GPS bug. To check for GPS bugs, simply turn the device on and sweep it around the area that you wish to look for the tracking device. The spy hawk will sense devices whether they are on a person or a vehicle within 25 feet. When it does detect a device, a light will begin blinking on the spy hawk verifying that there is a bug. The faster it blinks the closer the bug is. The spy hawk can be used to detect GPS tracking devices on both vehicles and people.

Use a GPS blocker for a cell phone. Since many cell phones are already GPS enabled, the spy hawk will not be able to determine whether it is being monitored by an outside software. If you suspect that someone might be tracking you through your phone, you only have two options. You can simply back up your contacts and the take your phone down to a service center and have them delete and then reinstall the operating system from scratch. The other thing you can do is to get a GPS signal blocking device. This will keep all devices within a certain area (depending on the device) from sending out a signal preventing you from being tracked.