Detailed Instructions for Verizon Fios TV on Demand

By Maya Austen

FiOS TV is Verizon's fiber optic network digital TV service. Verizon's FiOS service is currently -- as of June 2011 -- available in 12 states, plus the District of Columbia. FiOS TV comes with many bonus features including multi-room DVR service, which allows customers to begin watching a recorded program on one FiOS DVR then resume watching it on another DVR. FiOS TV also comes with video on demand.

View an On Demand Program

Turn on the TV and FiOS box.

Aim the FiOS remote control at the FiOS box and press "Menu." Use the remote's arrow buttons to highlight the "Video On Demand" menu option. Press "OK" or "Select" on the remote to open the On Demand menu. The On Demand menu can also be quickly opened by pressing the "On Demand" button on your FiOS remote.

Use the remote's up and down arrow buttons to highlight "Browse All." Use the right arrow button to open the Browse All folder.

Use the remote's arrow buttons to select the category of the type of On Demand video you want to watch. For example: "Movies," "Subscription," or "All Free." Some On Demand programs are free, others require a one-time fee, and some are subscription-based. The cost of the program is always clearly indicated.

Continue to browse the program folders until you locate the video you want to watch. To return to a previous folder press the left arrow button.

Highlight the program you want to view. Press "OK" or "Select."

Highlight and select "Watch Now." If the On Demand video you selected is free," it will begin playing. If the program you selected is fee-based, highlight and select "Purchase Now" to confirm your order. If you programmed your FiOS box with a Parental Control PIN you will be prompted to enter the PIN, using the remote's number pad, to complete your order. The charge will appear on your next FiOS billing statement.

Select "Program Information" then "Add Bookmark," instead of "Watch Now," if you wish to mark a title you are interested in watching later.

View Bookmarked Video

Open the video on demand menu.

Highlight and select "Bookmarks."

Select the bookmarked video you want to watch. Select "Watch Now."