How to Get Detailed Billing for My Verizon Wireless Account

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Verizon offers two ways for customers to receive billing information. Paper bills are sent via standard postal mail or you can choose paperless billing and view statements online. No matter which type of bill you opt for, you can view detailed billing information by visiting your My Verizon online account. Registration is free and is the only way to see details such as specific calls along with each call's charges without requesting additional paperwork from Verizon.

Register for My Verizon

Step 1

Go to and click “Register” at the bottom of the member login section.

Step 2

Enter your complete mobile phone number with area code. Your phone must be activated first.

Step 3

Press “Next.”

Step 4

Wait for a text message and enter the message as the billing system password. You can change this under your account settings later. The text message is free, even if you don't have texting service.

Follow the prompts to setup your account, including setting an account manager and additional account users, choosing a username and password and choosing options such as paperless billing.

View Detailed Billing

Step 1

Sign in to your My Verizon account. Use either your username or cell phone number.

Step 2

Select the “Account” tab and choose “Bill.”

Step 3

Choose “Bill Details” from the Billing Statement section of the billing screen.

Select “View and Print" to save or print the bill details. You can either print the bill or save it to PDF.


  • Even if you receive a paper bill, sign up for the My Verizon account for faster customer support and detailed billing.
  • If you opt for paperless billing, you can view and save both current and past statements.

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