How to Destroy an RFID Chip

By Robert Ceville

Destroying a RFID chip can stop trackers from knowing your location.
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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips have become used more broadly because you can track items containing them from anywhere in the world. Many people feel they are an invasion of privacy, and want to know how to destroy their ability to transmit. RFID chips consist of an antennae and a microchip. You must disconnect the two from each other to stop the signal. You can also destroy any information contained on the chips as well.

Step 1

Cut the small, black microchip from the connected antennas. This will end the chip's transmission to the tracker, but will not destroy the chip itself.

Step 2

Take the hammer and smash the small, black chip. This will destroy the information that has been saved to the RFID chip. Repeat until the chip is completely pulverized.

Step 3

Discard the broken pieces and the antennas. Dispose of them carefully to ensure that the sharp metallic pieces don't pose a danger to anyone.