How to Get My Desktop & Screensaver Back in Display Properties

By Rochelle Connery

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You might experience problems when working with the display properties in Microsoft Windows operating systems, especially if your network connection cuts out or you make any changes to your preferences without saving them. Whatever the reason, you can usually bring your background and screen saver back to normal using the display properties in any Windows operating system. Remember to always use screen savers from a reputable source, as downloadable screen savers often come with viruses and malware attached.

Step 1

Right-click your desktop background and select "Personalization." This option is the default in Windows Vista; in previous operating systems, select the "Properties" option. In Windows Vista, you can alternately select the "Control Panel -> Personalization" command instead.

Step 2

Navigate to the Desktop Background or Desktop tab in the Display Properties dialog box that pops up. Depending on your operating system, you can choose from several pre-loaded desktop backgrounds and colors or choose a picture from your hard drive. Select the "Browse" button next to "Picture Location" to choose a picture from the hard drive. Depending on the size of the photo, you might have to reposition it. In some cases, the photo can be tiled or stretched to fit the width of the screen.

Step 3

Navigate to the Screen Saver tab to choose your screen saver background and length options. Set the screen saver to power on after so many minutes of inactivity on your computer. You can select the "Preview" button before committing to the new screen saver if you'd like to view it first.

Step 4

Select "OK" to apply your new settings. In most cases, you should have been able to navigate to the picture or wallpaper and screen saver you had previous to losing them. Usually, the "Browse" button will take you back to the folder where your picture is located, so you shouldn't have to sift through several folders to find the picture you used to have on the background.