How to Design a Web Page in Word (11 Steps)

By Maureen Bruen

Design a Web Page in Word with templates or tables.
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Designing a Web page in Microsoft Word is simple to accomplish without any formal Web training or coding skills. Word is an excellent tool for educators, scientists, mathematicians or other professionals concentrating on research, analysis and the information instead of the presentation of this information on the Web. Develop a blog web page using Word templates and post curriculums, scientific study results, mathematical theories or information related to your area of expertise. Construct an executive newsletter for a Web page or create a Web page using tables.

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Word.

Step 2

Click "View," and then "Web Layout" in the "Document Views" section.

Step 3

Create a sketch or mockup of the Web page. The mockup shows how many rows and columns are needed to create the Web Page. For example, for a Web page with one picture, one left-column hyperlink section under the picture, one right-column text section, and one right-column hyperlink section, four table cells are needed for this Web page.

Step 4

Click "Insert," "Table" and "2X2 Table" to bring up a display of table with two columns and two rows in the document window.

Step 5

Click inside the first table cell and the cursor is blinking within the cell.

Step 6

Click "Insert" and "Picture" and the "Insert Picture" dialogue box opens.

Step 7

Browse to the picture, click on it and then click the "Insert" button in the dialogue box so the picture is inserted into the table.

Step 8

Click in the table cell to the right of the picture and type in the text associated with the picture. For example, if you inserted a picture of the Milky Way galaxy, you might type in the following:

The size of the Milky Way galaxy is difficult to quantify, but it is an enormous gathering containing billions of stars.

Step 9

Click in the table cell under the text, right-click, select "Hyperlink" and type in a hyperlink about the solar system in the "Address" section of the "Insert Hyperlink" dialogue box and click "OK."

Step 10

Click "File," "Save As" and select "Web Page, Filtered" from the "Save as type" drop-down menu in the "Save As" dialogue box.

Step 11

Click "Save" to keep the design in Web page format.