How to Design a Room Online for Free

by Randall Shatto

Designing a room online for free will allow you to experiment with furniture, accessories and flooring for a virtual room without spending a dime. You can arrange your selected furniture and accessories in any way you desire and change them around on a whim. Once you decide on a room design, you can incorporate it into your home. Some online room design applications give you the option to purchase furniture and accessories directly from the site. This will allow you to redesign your home using exactly what you see in the demonstration.

Choose an online room design website. These websites all have distinctive features and selections. Explore each one to locate the correct setup for your home or room. Design My Room has several room floor plans and allows you to purchase items from the site. Better Homes and Gardens offers specific room sizes and features, including door and window placement. At the Abode Home website, you can choose a specific style of room such as a living room or child's bedroom. At Abode Home, you can also create your own room dimensions.

Decide on the style of room. Double-click on the floor plan. To create your personal room, insert the width and depth measurements in feet. Click the "OK" tab to continue.

Choose door and window framing. The Better Homes and Gardens application also offers heating elements and electrical outlets. Arrange the objects to design a dream room or a replica of a room in your home. Drag each piece around with your mouse.

Insert furniture and accessories. Choose a style of carpeting or flooring. Drag the items from the pop-up menu onto your room space. To change the position, click on the half-circle rotate button. Move the item up or down with the mouse. Explore different styles of lighting, flooring and furniture.

Save or print your free online room design. Click the "Save" button. You will need to register at some of the sites. Enter your email address, password and a user name. Then save your design to your hard drive. Printing only may not require you to register. Check the "Print Preview" page for any changes you want to make. When ready, select the "Print" option.


  • check Design My Room, Better Homes and Gardens, and Abode Home are free design-a-room sites. You only need to register if you wish to save your room to your hard drive.

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