How to Design & Print Invitations on WordPad

By Foye Robinson

Create a simple invitation in a word processor.
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Although WordPad is primarily used to create simple documents, you can use it to design and print your own invitations as well. Like other word processors, WordPad includes tools that help you format your text exactly the way you want. Customize your invitation with the details you want to share with guests you're inviting to the party. To save time and paper, preview your invitation before printing it out.

Click "Start," "All Programs," Accessories" and "WordPad" in Windows to load WordPad.

Expand the WordPad button and select "Page setup" from the list. The Page Setup dialog box opens. Change the paper size to "Photo 4x6 in. (tab)" under the "Size" drop-down list. Set the margins to "0.5" inches all around. Set the orientation to "Landscape" and click "OK."

Go to the "Home" tab. To center the contents of your invitation, click the "Center" button under the Paragraph group.

Type a heading for your invitation, such as "You're Invited to Josh's 9th Birthday Party" or the type of invitation you're designing. Include other details, such as the party's time, date and location and RSVP contact.

Highlight any areas you want to emphasize on the invitation.

Click the "Home" tab and go to the "Font" panel. To enlarge the text, select a size from the "Font size" option. To bold it, click the "Bold" button. To change its color, pick a color from the "Text color" option.

Rearrange the invitation so it fills the page, placing details, such as the heading, time, date, location and RSVP on separate lines.

Click the "Save" button in the Quick Access Toolbar to save your work. Go to the "File name" text field in the "Save As" dialog box, name the invitation and press "Save."

Click the WordPad button and select "Print" and "Print preview." A preview of your invitation displays. Place your paper in the printer tray and select the "Print" icon in the preview window or press "Ctrl"+"P" to print your work. Set the "Number of copies" to what you'll need in the Print dialog box and click "Print."