How to Design Your Own Printable Border Paper

By Malissa O'Brian

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From custom birthday invitations to holiday-themed letters, there are a variety of reasons you may find yourself in search of printable border paper. Most styles imaginable can be created right from your home computer and customized to your taste.

Software programs such as Microsoft Office contain ready-made borders, while other programs and online websites allow for more graphics. If you don’t have much graphic design experience, look for user-friendly programs that will simplify clip art, font and color for your borders.

Step 1

Create printable border paper from Microsoft Office. When creating your document, or even with a blank document, insert page borders. The version of Microsoft Word you have will determine the tab you need to click, but look for "Page Layout." Once there, select "Page Borders" to select different art to outline your page, and to edit colors and shadows.

Step 2

Download a Microsoft Office template online. In some versions of Word and from templates online, create printable border paper by creating a new document from an installed. Locate "New Document," then "Installed Templates," and then select the tab for stationary. Pick the style you are looking for, which in this case would be specialty paper. You will be given the option to choose border paper from a variety of styles, themes and colors for business and personal use. Pick your favorite and print it.

Step 3

Use online programs such as Here you can find a mix of styles and unusual items, and you can print borders that are full page, top or bottom only or one-sided. On this particular website, click the link to the border you are interested in, and either copy it to your computer if you are going to add text, or just print it from your PC.

Step 4

Customize borders and purchase them with online services such as Paper Direct. With these types of companies, you can create the borders to your style and then purchase them from the business that will print them and then ship them to you. Printable stationary in all colors and sizes can be found at these types of online retailers, and graphic designers can work with you to design your own border.