How to Design a Microsoft Word Template

by Contributor

If you find yourself creating documents using Microsoft Word, consider creating templates that reflect your style and needs. A style template saves any information you choose, such as your name, address, signature, your favorite logo, margin areas or page orientation, footer and header information, font styles and sizes, tables and much more.

Open Microsoft Word.

Open a blank document and begin formatting. From the edit menu, click Select All, and then choose a font style and font size. Microsoft Word will save your font type and size. If you are creating a template using an existing document, delete all information that you will not use repeatedly.

Open the header/footer area of the document, add your preferred header and footer information, and then close the header/footer area.

Change page margins or paper orientation as desired. Add any table or text that you use repeatedly.

To save the document as a template, from the File menu, Click "Save As." In the Save As type field on the bottom of the window, click the drop-down area and select "Document Template."

Type in the name of your new template, and then click "Save."

Add text and graphics to your new template, or remember to delete any information from an existing document that you will not use for future templates. Save any changes before you close your template.


  • check You can create a new template from one of your existing documents that you use repeatedly, or you can create a new one from a blank document.


  • close Do not type a file extension or .doc. Microsoft Word will add a .doc extension to a document template.