Design a Logo in Word With Text Embedded

by Catherine Johnson

Microsoft has gradually improved its Word program to evolve into more than a simple software for word processing. Microsoft Word now has extensive graphics capabilities and is easy to use for designing artwork. Instead of hiring an expensive designer to create your business logo, you can easily make your own custom design in Word, embedded with the name and tagline of your company.

Open Microsoft Word. Go to "File" on the top navigational menu and select "New Blank Document."

Create the graphics for your logo. Go to "Insert" and select "Shapes." Select the shapes you want to use in your logo. Use the format options to combine shapes, arrange them in layers, and experiment with shadows, colors, borders, and size.

Create the text to be embedded in your logo. To create a standard text, go to "Insert" and click "Text Box." Try out different fonts and colors, and drag the text box to the place where you want it in your logo. To create more complex text, go to "Insert" and select "Word Art." You can customize almost every aspect of the text, including outlines, character orientation and height, rotation, and multiple color shadings.

Once your logo is completely designed, press the shift key and click on each object and text in your logo. All of the parts of your logo should be selected.

Go to "Edit" and click "Copy." Then go back to "Edit" and select "Paste Special." In the "As" menu, select a picture format in "GIF," "PNG," or "JPG". If you select "JPG," Word will automatically create a black background for your logo. If you wish to keep the white background, select "GIF" or "PNG" format instead.

Delete everything in your document except your logo picture. Save the document on your computer. Whenever you need to insert your logo into another file, insert your logo document as an object.


  • check Use colors that have high contrast. The most important part of the logo is your text. Using contrasting colors ensures that your text remains readable. Experiment with all of the formatting options Word offers. Have fun and be creative.

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