How to Design a Kid's Flyer

By Vera Leigh

Make your flyer kid-friendly.
i Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

If you are planning a children's-themed event, then you may want to make a creative flyer to distribute to your neighborhood families and children. You can use Microsoft Word's flyer templates to customize and personalize a flyer to reflect your needs as well as your personal aesthetic. Spend an afternoon with your children traipsing the neighborhood and delivering the flyers.

Open a new document in Microsoft Word and download a flyer template. To do this, click on your "Office" button once you have opened Word. Click on "New." Double-click on "Flyers." Double-click on "Event Flyers."

Download a kid-friendly flyer from the templates provided in the library. Double-click your selection; it will download into your Word document.

Customize the text on your flyer to reflect kid-friendly themes and language. You might even insert a creative, simple poem. Click on the text box on the flyer, highlight the filler text, and replace it with your own. An example of a poem you pen might be: "Join us for a party at the pool! Bring your kids and something to drink that is cool! We'll eat cake and ice cream and celebrate our girl Kate! RSVP by May 10; we can't wait!"