How to Design a Flyer for a Memorial Service

by Filonia LeChat

The grief of losing a friend, family member or acquaintance can be difficult and many people rely on a memorial service to share their feelings and give each other strength. Let the public know about an upcoming memorial service by designing a flier (also spelled flyer), a simple one-page publication with information about the event. A variety of software programs make it a quick process to create a memorial service flier so you'll be able to hand out the materials and get on with the grieving process.

Using Publisher

Open Publisher and click the "Flyers" button. Scroll through the flier templates; there is no memorial service template, but any design may be completely customized. Double-click a flier design or an "All" folder and double-click a template inside. The flier opens in the Publisher workspace.

Click once on the picture included with the flier. Press the "Delete" key to remove it. Click the "Insert" tab at the top of the screen. Select the "Picture" button. Browse to a picture of the departed person and double-click the file name. When the picture appears on the flier, drag it into place.

Highlight the main heading on the flier. Type directly over it with the memorial service headline, such as "Please join us to honor the life of Rose Herman." Type over additional text boxes on the flier to include details about the departed's life, family and history.

Click into the contact information text boxes and type over them with information about the service, including who is invited, time, date and location, dress and whether donations are being accepted.

Click the "File" tab at the top of the screen. Select "Save As." Type a name for the flier and save it to the computer.

Using Paint

Open Paint, click the Paint button and select "Open." Navigate to a photo of the person being memorialized and double-click the image so it opens on the Paint workspace. Click the Paint button again and select "Properties." Change the "Width" to 8.5 and the "Height" to 11. Select the "Inches" button. Click the "OK" button. When the Paint workspace changes to flier size, drag the photo into place on the top or middle of the flier.

Choose a color from the "Colors" section of the ribbon/toolbar. Click the "A" icon for the text tool. Click the top of the flier. Select a font and text size. Type the main flier message, such as "Memorial Service for Max, Saturday."

Click the cursor lower on the flier. Change text colors and font sizes, if desired. Type additional service information, including directions, an inspirational lyric or passage and how to contact the family.

Select a new colored square. Click the "Fill with color" tool, which looks like a paint bucket. Click anywhere on the white space of the flier to fill it with a background color. Skip this if printing on colored paper.

Click the Paint button. Select "Save As." Give the flier a name and save it to the computer.

Using Word

Open Word, which automatically defaults a blank flier-sized 8.5- by 11-inch document. Type the memorial service headline, such as "Say Goodbye to Francis with Friends." Highlight the headline and click the "Home" tab at the top of the screen. Use the controls in the "Font" section to enlarge the headline, change its color and apply a new font.

Press the "Enter" key a few times to leave space below the headline. Click the "Insert" tab at the top of the screen. Select "Picture." Browse to a photo of the person who passed away and double-click to open the picture on the flier. Press "Enter" again to leave space below the image.

Add the person's name, birth date and, if desired, date of death. Type information about the memorial service, family contact information and directions to the service.

Click the "Page Layout" tab at the top of the screen. Select the "Page Color" button in the middle of the ribbon/toolbar. Click a small colored square to give the flier a colored background. Skip if printing on colored paper.

Click the "File" tab and select "Save As." Name the flier and save it to the computer.

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