How to Design a Blog Template

by Josienita Borlongan

Blogging is so popular that daily thousands upon thousands of internet users in one way or another subscribe or participate in blogs. You can join free bloggers sites where you can express your thoughts and feelings. Almost anything can be discussed in a blog, provided, you avoid talking about anything illegal, it can be a very interesting place to find people with similar interests. If you want to start your own blogging site, designing a blog template is something you want to be familiar with. It can make your site attractive where bloggers would want to join and be part of.

Sign up for an online blog account. There are so many blog sites that you can be part of. Becoming a member of a blog site will enable you to create a blog within that site. One example of a blog site that offers free membership is, where signing up is easy.

Name your blog. Once you have signed up you will be able to name your blog. Create something that is unique but still search able on the internet by people searching for specific topics. It may be a sporting interest or any hobby. It could be anything that is discussion worthy, like politics, global warming or technical knowledge sharing.

Create your blog page. After you successfully entered your blog site name or link, you can start designing your blog site. You can use the template provided for by the online blog site that you joined. There are a lot of options to choose from, pick the ones that you like and matches your personality.

Choose a background design. You can opt for a simple white default background but it is always fun to choose the background design. You can choose different colors and graphics that are available on the blogging site you signed up for or you can upload your own if it is allowed. You can use graphics you may have created on your own using your own software or program or you can use some personal photos if your blog site is more for sharing with friends and families only. if your blogging about sewing or crafts, you can choose a background with scissors or sewing machine to make it more exclusive to that type of blog only.

Choose the font style. There are different font styles to choose from. Once you choose your font, you can then choose if you want it in regular or bold, italic or non-italic and then choose the size of font. Create your header with a bigger and bolder font with a color that is eye-catching. Then use sub headers with smaller fonts, and then smaller and simpler fonts for your blog entries.

Use HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). If you know basic HTML, you can add a hyperlink on your blog. This is optional, if you want to use certain HTML tagging and links if the blog site you joined do not have this program by default. Most blogging sites make it easy for novice users to use HTML with pre-loaded software, so you do not really need to know how to create HTML on your own but it does help to understand how it can help benefit your blog site.

Add a banner. You can add banner ads that would link to different sites. For example if you are an affiliate of certain sites or you may have other websites that you own, you can add a banner whereby people can click on to get to those sites. You can create animated banners using HTML or the programs available on your blog site. Certain affiliations offer the HTML that you can copy and paste or upload on your blog to load the banner, whether it is an animated banner or a simple clickable icon. Banners can also allow for you to earn some cash in some cases, especially if they are paid by clicks or commission if your visitors buy from those ads.

Upload photos. If you have some photos you want to upload on your blog site, you can do so by clicking on the areas where you can browse your photos whether they are saved on your picture folders on your computer or coming from a CD, flash drive or memory cards. Choose photos that are appropriate for each topic you are discussing.

Upload videos. Some blog sites would allow you to upload videos. You can pick from your own video saved on your computer, memory card, DVD and flash drives. You can also load up some streaming videos from popular video sites if your blog site allows it. Again, it is important to load those that are appropriate for your blog discussion.

Update and monitor your blog site as often as possible. It would be preferable to visit or login to your blog site daily. If you can add a new blog or discussion at least twice a week and then monitor daily for comments and then reply as needed. The more you actively get your blog site updated with new forums and discussions, the more interesting it would be for visitors that they will want to go back for more discussions.


  • check Share your blog site to your friends and family by sending them via email the link to your blog site. Encourage them to also share with the people they know so you can increase traffic.


  • close Avoid inciting discussions that may lead to violence. Although there is freedom of speech if you keep your blog site clean and clear of illegal discussions, you will avoid verbal harassment from people as well as avoid possible persecution and prosecutions.

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