How to Deploy McAfee Agent Through a Group Policy

By Andrew Tennyson

Deploying software through a group policy in Windows can dramatically reduce the amount of time it would take to install the same software manually on each of your client systems. The McAfee Agent coordinates with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator server, enabling administrators to manage and update McAfee products remotely. Deploying the McAfee Agent through a group policy adds the agent to all of your Windows Server client systems simultaneously, so that they can be managed by the ePolicy Orchestrator.

Step 1

Download the Framepkg EXE file from your ePolicy Orchestrator server. The file will be located in a subfolder of the Install directory. The exact location of this file will vary depending on your ePolicy Orchestration installation details and server setup.

Save the EXE file to a shared folder on a network server in a location where all systems have permissions.

Step 2

Execute the following command on the ePolicy Orchestrator interface to extract all of the necessary files:

Framepkg.exe /gengpomsi /SiteInfo=\SiteList.xml /FrmInstLogLoc= \.log

Step 3

Copy the extracted files to the shared location on your server specified in the SiteInfo path. This path must be accessible by all of the client systems on which you want to install the agent.

Step 4

Create a new Group Policy object. To do this, open the Group Policy Management Console on your Windows server. On the console tree, right-click "Group Policy Objects" in the forest and domain where you want to create the Group Policy object. Click "New," specify a name for the new Group Policy Object, and then click "OK."

Step 5

Click "Computer Configuration" on the ePolicy Orchestrator interface to load the Computer Configuration panel.

Step 6

Click "Policies," and then click "Software Settings."

Step 7

Right-click "Software Installation," click "New," and then click "Package."

Step 8

Browse to the shared location path you used in Step 3, and then click the MSI file called MFEAgent.

Step 9

Select "Assigned" as the deployment method to finish deploying McAfee Agent through a group policy.