Dell Picture Editing Tools

By Misty Faucheux

Dell photo editing software allows you to capture and edit your digital photos.
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Dell is a computer company that is headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, and it sells its products worldwide. The company specializes in standard computers, laptops and computer peripherals. Dell also provides photo editing software to its customers, and these software programs help you organize, edit and print your photos. While the company does not offer these products on their website, you can still download them from third-party sites.

Dell Picture Studio

This software was created by Jasc Software, which is now owned by Corel, a software company. This software allows you to download your photos directly from your digital camera, and then you can edit and add effects to your photos. Other features of this program includes the ability to create graphics for websites and marketing products like fliers, invitations and banners. With this program, you can also animate your photos, add frames and manipulate color, contrast and size. Once you are done with your photos, the program will walk you through the process of printing photos or getting online prints of them. You can download this software for a trial period. Once that trial period expires, however, you must purchase the software, which costs $49.95 in 2010.

PaintShop Photo Pro

The Corel PaintShop Photo Pro software program is a photo editing program that allows you to add digital effects to your photos, and you can add adjustments to your RAW photos as you are uploading them. It also comes with automated tools to help you fix common photo problems, including red eyes or oversaturation. This software program also allows you to transform your photos into projects like slideshows, photo books or cards. Corel PaintShop Photo Pro provides you with the tools to share your photos with family and friends via email or social networking sites, or you can print out your photos. You can try this program for free as well, but the full version costs $99.99 in 2010.

Image Expert 2000

This is a Windows-based program that allows you to capture your photos directly from your digital camera and edit them. You can crop your pictures and adjust items like contrast, hue, brightness and saturation. There is also a Quick Fix button that corrects common photo issues. Other features of this program include the ability to make slideshows of pictures, and you can use website templates, which help you arrange and upload your photos to the Internet. You can also use this program to print out your photos. There is a 30-day trial version of this program, and the full version costs between $48.95 and $69.99 in 2010.