The Dell Latitude Is Stuck in Sleep Mode

By Vivek Saxena

The Latitude series of laptops from Dell comes with Windows 7 installed. This operating system features several power-saving modes, namely: sleep mode, hibernation and hybrid sleep mode. These modes enable users to reduce power consumption when they are not using their laptops. Unfortunately, improperly configured settings can cause these computers to become stuck in sleep mode and unable to awaken to functionality.

Enable Keyboard

Your Dell Latitude may be configured to ignore keyboard input while in sleep mode. To rectify this and make the keyboard responsive, click the "Start" menu and type "Device Manager" in the search box. Double-click the "Device Manager" icon in the search results. Click the "Keywords" tab and select your keyboard from the list. Access the "Power Settings" options by clicking the "Change Settings" button. Make certain that the check box is ticked for "Allow this device to wake the computer" and then click "OK."

Enable Mouse

You can configure your Dell Latitude to accept mouse input while the laptop is in sleep mode. Open the "Device Manager" panel as previously directed; but this time, select your mouse from the "Mice and Other Pointing Devices" tab. Click the "Change Settings" button and make sure the check box is ticked for "Allow this device to wake the computer." Click the "OK" button.

BIOS Settings

A setting in your BIOS could be causing your Dell Latitude to stick in sleep mode. Access the BIOS setup menu by restarting your computer and pressing the "F2" key while it is booting. Search through the various BIOS pages for settings that pertain to sleep or hibernation mode. Review the manual provided with your laptop for assistance in locating and configuring these settings.

System Restore

A major system error may have occurred on your Latitude, preventing the laptop from waking out of sleep mode. You may be able to fix this by using the System Restore option to restore the operating system to an earlier state. Open the "Start" menu and type "System Restore." Double-click the icon that appears in the search results and follow the on-screen prompts to return your laptop to a functional state.