My Dell Laptop Won't Charge

By Kallie Johnson

When a laptop battery won't charge, the battery likely needs to be replaced.
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When Dell laptop batteries won't charge, the most common culprits are a damaged power cord or a battery that needs to be replaced. The power cord provides power to the laptop and charges the battery, so if it's not working it will not charge the battery. Dell laptop batteries only have a life expectancy of 12 to 24 months, after which the battery loses efficiency or the ability to charge. When this happens, the battery needs to be replaced. Simple troubleshooting can pinpoint the cause of the problem.

Remove the Dell laptop battery. Ensure the laptop power is turned off and the laptop is unplugged from all additional power sources. Slide the battery release mechanism on the bottom of the Dell laptop while lifting the battery out of the battery bay at the same time.

Check the battery for damage. Dents, dings, corrosion and mangled battery contacts can all cause the battery to work or charge improperly and can lead to laptop fires and internal damage. Damaged Dell batteries must be replaced.

Plug the power adapter into the Dell laptop outlet and an electrical outlet. Power the laptop on. Should the laptop fail to power on, the power adapter is incorrectly working and should be replaced. A laptop powered by the adapter indicates the power adapter is properly working. Power off the laptop and unplug the power adapter from the laptop.

Put the Dell battery back into the battery bay by pressing it into place. Re-insert the power adapter for eight hours so the battery charges.

Remove the power adapter. Power on the Dell laptop. Should the laptop fail to power on, the battery did not charge and should be replaced.