How to Find a Dell Authorized Reseller

By Jeff Grundy

Beginning in January 2008, Dell started closing its retails stores in the United States and opted to offer select desktop and laptop systems in other prominent retail outlets. Around the same time, Dell began strengthening its Partner Direct program, which allows smaller retail outlets and value added resellers to offer certain Dell products for sale. Many Dell customers prefer to transact with a local authorized reseller -- rather than deal directly with Dell -- because of the one-on-one service that only a local purchase can provide. To help promoted sales at authorized reseller outlets, Dell offers a couple of ways to find dealers in your area.

Retail Locations in the United States

Visit the retail partner page on the website. Click one of the company logos that represent the four major retail chains authorized to sell select models of Dell desktop and laptop computers in the United States. Authorized retail partners that offer Dell computers are Best Buy, Sam's Club, Staples and Wal-Mart. Click the logo of the preferred retail partner.

Enter your City and State or Zip Code in the small form on the retailer's information page. Select a radius-- how far from your home -- distance in which to search.

Click the "Find a store near you" link. The Dell website displays a small pop-up window with a list of locations for retail stores that sell Dell systems in your area.

Find a Partner Direct Reseller

Navigate to the Dell Partner Direct website. Select "United States" on the drop-down list of the main Partner Direct page. The site redirects you to the U.S. Partner Direct site.

Click the "Search for Dell Certified Partners" link under the "Find a Partner" header.

Enter the name of your city or your zip code in the "Location" field. Select a radius distance in which to search using the "Distance" drop-down lists. Click the "Search" button. The Partner Direct website displays a list of certified Dell resellers, along with addresses and contact information, within your area.