Will Deleting Facebook on My iPhone Also Delete All of Its Data?

By Todd Bowerman

The iPhone's flexibility comes from its range of apps.
i John Moore/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Apple iPhone offers thousands of native and third party applications designed for a wide variety of functions. Facebook’s iPhone app allows you tocheck in on your Facebook account directly from your phone, and gives you access to the same functionality you would expect to find on the actual Facebook website. Deleting the iPhone Facebook app does remove some data, but only from the iPhone.

Deleting an iPhone App

If you wish to delete your Facebook application, simply touch and hold the app’s icon. Once it begins wiggling, you can click the small “X” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the icon to begin the deletion process. You will receive the message “Deleting “Facebook” will also delete all of its data.” You can click “Delete” to continue, or “Cancel” to exit the deletion dialogue.

IPhone App Data vs. Facebook Data

When the iPhone says that deleting Facebook will “delete all of its data,” it is referring to the data stored on the iPhone in relation to the Facebook app -- in other words, your saved username, password and any settings changes you’ve made to the application since you installed it. Deleting the iPhone application has no effect on your Facebook account, but will wipe all of your saved application preferences from the phone.

Restoring an App

If you have deleted your Facebook application in error, you can restore it using the iPhone App Store. Touch the “App Store” icon and select the “Updates” tab. Touch “Purchased” to see a list of every application you have ever downloaded. Scroll down to “Facebook” and touch the install button next to its icon to begin the reinstallation. Your settings will not carry over to the new install.

Best Practices

Your Facebook account contains delicate personal information about you and your friends. When using the Facebook app on iPhone, lock the phone with a passcode in between uses. If your phone is lost or stolen, your private data will not be exposed to whoever happens to find it. Additionally, use a separate email address and password for your Apple account and Facebook account. Separate passwords make it harder for hackers to compromise several of your accounts at once.