How to Find Deleted Pictures

By Mitchell White

If you accidentally delete a picture on your computer, this can sometimes be a problem if it was the only copy of that picture that you had. One option for retrieving your deleted pictures is to use recovery software. This software will let you find pictures that you've deleted from your computer and restore them to your drive so you can use them again.

Choose a recovery software program that's free to use. Examples include Pandora and Art Plus (see Resources for links).

Click on your chosen program's "Download Now" link, and then choose "Save As" when a window pops up. Open the installation file after it finishes by double-clicking on it.

Open the program when ready, though it should start automatically after you finish installation. The opening screen will have you check the recycling bin first to make sure your pictures aren't there. Confirm this, and then click "Next." If they are there, you can right-click on them and select "restore" to put them back on your drive where they were previously.

Pick your hard-drive from the options, and then Choose "Browse" from the recovery options. Click "Next." After the scan finishes, open your "My Pictures" folder within the recovery program. If you stored your pictures in another folder, you can choose that one. This should let you find your deleted pictures.

Right-click on a picture if you want to use it again. Select "Recover To." If the picture says it's already been overwritten, then you may not be able to recover it.