How to Find Deleted Photos on MySpace

By B. Ellen von Oostenburg

Computer disasters happen all the time. One of the worst ones is losing priceless MySpace photos from a profile that have been deleted due to a computer crashing. The best way to prevent this from happening is to always back up image files on a data CD or flash drive. But hindsight is always 20/20. Reading this probably means it's too late for that. There are still a few things that can be done to find the lost photos.

Immediately contact MySpace "Help" to see if the site can find any or all of the deleted photos (see resource link below). If possible, try to talk to a "real" person through an online chat or telephone. Be prepared with a list of specific questions and answer tech support questions as clearly as possible. You can also take the following actions.

How to Find Deleted Photos from Profile on MySpace

Step 1

Contact family members who may have saved photos or printed them out.

Step 2

Contact MySpace friends who may have tagged the photos. If so, the images may still be in the tagged photos file in their "Pic" section of their profile.

Step 3

Review "Comment" pages of MySpace friends on which photos may have been posted and make copies from them if found. This may be a "long shot" if the entire profile is lost, because the Pic section of the profile acts as a holding source for the friend's Comment page photos.

Step 4

Research file recovery disks and purchase if applicable. Former MySpace member "Mr.Rick," whose photos were deleted when his computer crashed, used a recovery disk as part of his efforts to retrieve his files: "I found a cache on Google, but it only has the front page. Paid for an application called Recover My Files, which recovered some photos but not all photos." If the crashed computer drive is accessible, try running a search for the lost photos to see if they can be recovered from the hard drive (see video tutorial in Resources).

Step 5

Check to see if any of the photos were sent to an online printing company such as to see if they still have the photos in their files.