How to Find Deleted Juno Emails

by Charles Judd

We've all done it before: accidentally deleted an important email that we wanted to keep. While navigating and deleting your junk mail, maybe you accidentally sent an important message into the oblivion. If you are a Juno mail user, there is still hope to retrieve this lost message by navigating the folder system and sending the message back to your in-box.

Step 1

Click on the folder labeled "Trash" in the folder tree while logged into your Juno mail account.

Step 2

Navigate through the deleted messages until you find the email you wish to retrieve

Step 3

Click the box next to the message to insert a check mark and mark it for retrieval.

Click on the "Move to..." drop-down box and select "Inbox" or whatever folder you wish to move this message to.


  • To retrieve a message, you must do it after deletion, but before you log out of your account.


  • Use caution when deleting messages, as all messages left in the "Trash" folder are permanently deleted each time you log out of Juno.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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