How to Delete a Word in a PDF Document

by Patrick Warren

Adobe invented PDF files as a way to share a file while keeping the formatting and content consistent from computer to computer. You can save and share PDF, or portable document format, files so they are viewable by anyone with PDF-viewer software. You generally cannot change PDF files with PDF-viewing software. You can make them password protected to prevent editing, printing or copying the file contents. Sometimes a user may find it easier to edit the document rather than recreating the document from its source. You can edit text with PDF-editing software.


Download and install one of the PDF-editing programs listed in Resources. Follow any steps provided by the download page of the program and by the installation program. One of these programs is free and others are not. PDF documents are not editable in Adobe Acrobat Reader and most PDF-viewing software.


Launch the installed PDF-editing program if it did not launch at the end of the installation process.


Open the PDF file you wish to edit.


Highlight the word you wish to delete and press the "Delete" key on the keyboard.


Save the PDF file.


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