How to Delete a Video on a Sony Handycam

by Tyson Cliffton
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Sony Handycam camcorders let you capture high definition videos of events you want to treasure forever. However, high definition video takes up a large amount of storage capacity. If you have videos that you don't plan on keeping or videos that you've already downloaded from your camcorder to a computer, you can delete those videos to free up valuable storage space for others. You can delete videos through the Handycam's main menu.

Step 1

Open the Sony Handcam's LCD monitor and tap "Menu."

Step 2

Tap "Edit/Copy," then touch "Delete."

Step 3

Tap "Multiple Images," then tap "Movie."

Step 4

Touch the thumbnail associated with each movie file you want to delete to place a check mark on those thumbnails.

Tap "OK" to delete the videos from Sony Handycam.


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