How to Delete a Twoo Account

By Melly Parker

After deleting Twoo, delete the app from all your devices and sites.
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As long as you use the social networking site Twoo, it collects data about you, about your profile and about any activity you perform while logged in. Tech site TechCrunch has reported complaints from some users that the site sends too many messages to connected friends on social networks. Deleting your Twoo account stops messages, notifications and data collection.

Deleting Your Twoo Account

Your Twoo account is deleted from the "Settings" menu. Click "Edit" in the Account area and then click "Delete Account." The site will ask you to confirm that you want to delete your account, which must be answered in the affirmative. Next the site will ask you why you're deleting your account; it compares the information with other users' responses. Finally, enter your password and confirm that you want to delete your account once more to have it removed.

Necessary Information

Your password is required when you delete your Twoo account to prevent an unauthorized user from removing your profile. If you save your password on your computer or are signed into a public computer, an unscrupulous person could remove your account if the password wasn't required. If you've forgotten your password, recover it before starting the account deletion process.

Connected Services

Since deleting your account doesn't affect connected services, remove any Twoo apps from other devices and sites -- such as your mobile phone and Facebook. The mobile app can be removed from your phone in the same manner as you would remove any other app. The Facebook app can be deleted from the App Center on Facebook by selecting "Your Apps" and clicking the "X" on the corner of the Twoo entry.

Information Storage

Even after you delete your account, Twoo keeps some information about you on file. It collects information about your profile, your IP address, your computer and other data based on your Twoo activity. According to the privacy statement on Twoo's website, the information collected is kept for six months after your account is deleted; Twoo then purges the information. History and logs stay on Twoo's servers for six months after they're created, and cookies left on your browser by Twoo expire every 100 days.