How to Delete Tweets From iPhone

by Melly Parker
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Individual tweets can be removed from your Twitter feed using the iOS Twitter app. Tweets are removed instantly from your feed and from the feeds of anyone who has retweeted it, replied to it or added it as a favorite. However, even though the tweet is removed from your profile, it may still be available in search results for awhile after you've deleted it. To delete tweets, your iPhone must be connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile data network.

Step 1

Tap "Me" on the navigation bar of the Twitter app.

Step 2

Tap in the body of the tweet you want to remove from your Twitter feed.

Tap the trash can icon that displays below the tweet, and then click "Delete Tweet" on the pop-up.


  • There's no guarantee that removing the tweet from Twitter will completely scour it from the Internet, since some services crawl Twitter and make records of unprotected posts. Protecting your Twitter feed from public view can help keep your tweets private and give you time to decide whether you want them to stay around for the long haul.


  • Even though Twitter is integrated into iOS, it doesn't come with the official Twitter app pre-installed.
  • Make sure you want to remove the tweet before confirming, because deleted tweets can't be recovered.


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