How to Delete the Text Messages From An LG enV

by Nicole Hamilton
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LG enV cell phones provide several methods for deleting text messages. You can choose to erase individual messages, delete messages from a specific folder or erase all messages. If the LG enV message memory is full, the phone will stop receiving new messages. To prevent this from happening, it is important to delete text messages periodically, or turn on the auto-erase feature.

Deleting Individual Messages

Step 1

Open the phone to reveal the keyboard and press "Ok" to open the menu.

Step 2

Press the arrows to select the Messaging icon and then select the Inbox, Sent folder or Drafts folder.

Step 3

Select a message from the folder and press "Ok" to view it.

Step 4

Press the Left soft key to erase the message.

Confirm the deletion.

Deleting Messages from Folders

Step 1

Press the "Ok" button to access the phone menu.

Step 2

Press the right arrow and then press "Ok."

Step 3

Press the Right soft key to open "Options."

Step 4

Select a folder using the number pad. Press the number one key to erase all unlocked messages in the Inbox. Press two to erase messages in the Sent folder or three to delete messages in the Drafts folder. Press number four to erase messages in all the folders.

Choose "Yes" to confirm you want to erase the messages.

Turning on Auto Erase

Step 1

Press the "Ok" button to open the menu.

Step 2

Press the right arrow to navigate to "Messaging."

Step 3

Press the Left soft key to open "Settings."

Step 4

Scroll to select "All Msg / TXT Msg / Pic-Video Msg and press "Ok."

Step 5

Press the down arrow and select "Auto Erase" and then press "Ok."

Select "On" to turn on the Auto Erase feature. The phone will erase old messages automatically when the memory is full.


  • Confirm you have selected the correct messages before permanently erasing them.


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