How to Delete Icon From Windows Task Bar at the Bottom of the Screen

By Jerry Garner

System Tray Icons
i Lone_f, Creative Commons License

Many people often wonder how important the icons next to their computer clock are, and if they can be removed. This area of the computer screen is known as the system tray, although it is also commonly referred to as the task bar. The icons in the system tray represent programs that begin to run when the operating system is loaded. Some are important, but in many cases they are just consuming RAM and can be safely removed.

Identify which icons you would like to remove from the task bar. Look at each icon and note which program each represents. If it is not a program that you need to automatically start when the computer is booted, then make note of it so that you can create a list of all icons to be deleted.

Check the options settings of the icons you wish to delete from the task bar. Right click on the icon and look for a link marked as either "Options" or "Settings." Once you are in "Settings," look for an option to load the program when windows starts. Deselect this option to remove the icon from the system tray. Some programs will have links that read "Remove From System Tray" or "Click Here" if you don't want the program to load with Windows. Clicking either of these will also remove the icon. If you can find no such options, proceed to the next step.

Go to the "Startup" folder on your computer. From the "Start" button, click "All Programs" (or "Programs") and look for the folder labeled "Startup." This will show which programs are set to automatically launch in the system tray when Windows loads. Right click on the program that corresponds to the icon you want to delete, then click "Delete."