How to Delete the Search Bar for Macs

By Mario Calhoun

Customize your Mac by removing the search bar.
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Your Macintosh computer allows you to customize of many of its applications, including Finder and the Safari Internet browser. Although the Finder search bar helps you find specific documents or folders, it can easily be removed from the window and replaced with a different tool. In Safari, the default search engine is Google, which can be changed or removed from the browser completely. To restore the search bar, simply add it back to your Finder or Safari toolbar preferences.

Search Bar Removal from Finder

Click the "Finder" icon on your dock, or click "File" at the top of your screen and click "New Finder Window" from the drop-down menu.

Right-click the search bar and select "Customize Toolbar" from the pop-up menu.

Click and drag the search bar out of the Finder window to delete it. Click the "Done" button to save the changes.

Search Bar Removal from Safari

Open your "Applications" folder in Finder and double-click the "Safari" icon, or click the "Safari" icon on your dock.

Right-click the search bar and click "Customize Toolbar" from the pop-up menu.

Drag the search bar off of the browser window to remove it. Click "Done" to save the changes and exit out of the toolbar window.