How to Delete Previously Visited Websites on an iPad

By Kefa Olang

Periodically clearing the cache on your iPad may improve its performance.
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Safari is the default Web browser that comes installed on iPad tablets. By default, Safari keeps a log of all the websites you visit. Although this can prove useful, especially when you want to visit the same sites again, you may want to delete previously visited websites for privacy reasons. Clearing the browsing history on your iPad -- either from within the Safari app or from the iPad Settings app -- deletes the record of previously visited websites quickly and easily.

Step 1

Touch "Safari" on your iPad's home screen to launch the browser and then touch the book icon to open the Bookmarks screen.

Step 2

Touch "History" to view previously visited websites organized by the dates they were viewed. Tap "Clear History" to open a confirmation screen and tap "Clear History" to confirm your selection. Tap outside the Bookmarks screen to close it.

Step 3

Press the Home button and touch "Settings" to clear browsing history using the iPad's Settings app. Touch "Safari" in the Setting panel to load Safari's settings.

Step 4

Touch "Clear History" and touch "Clear History" again to delete the record of previously visited websites. Press the Home button to return to the main screen.