How to Delete a Photo From a Facebook Album on an Android Phone

by Nick Peers
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Using the Facebook app for Android, you can not only post status updates on your Timeline but also control most aspects of your Facebook account. For example, you can delete specific photos from albums or delete entire albums at once. Although you don't see a Delete button when you open the photo in the app, you can delete it by using the Menu button on your phone.

Step 1

Launch the Facebook app on your Android device. You can find the app icon on one of the screens or in the Apps menu.

Step 2

Type your email address into the "Email" field and the password into the "Password" field and tap "Log In" to log in to your Facebook account.

Step 3

Tap the "Menu" icon -- the one with three horizontal white lines -- and then tap "Photos" in the Apps section to navigate to the Photos area of your Facebook account.

Step 4

Tap the "Albums" tab to view all albums and then tap the album that contains the photo you want to delete.

Step 5

Tap the photo you want to delete to view it and then press or tap the "Menu" button on your Android phone to display the menu box.

Tap "Delete photo" and then tap "Delete" to confirm and delete the photo from the album. Tap "Cancel" if you want to abort and keep the photo.


  • You can't recover a photo after you confirm the deletion.
  • Information in this article applies to Facebook for Android. Procedures may vary with other versions or products.


  • If you choose to use the default Android Web browser instead of the Facebook app, the steps to delete the photo are similar to the steps you would take on your computer.
  • The Android Menu button looks like three lines or three dots. You often use it in the Facebook app to access various functions.


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