How to Delete Pending Contacts

by Robert Chai

When you add a contact on an instant messaging (IM) application; such as Skype or Gtalk, the contact will display as pending in your IM account, until the person accepts your chat request. If several days have passed and the person has still not responded to your chat request, then it’s probable that the person does not want to add you. It’s also possible that you have entered the wrong email address and added someone who doesn’t recognize you. In any case, you can easily delete all the pending contacts in your IM contact list.

Step 1

Open the IM client on your computer. Log-on to your account by entering the email address and password in the respective fields. Click “Sign In” to access your account.

Step 2

Select the pending contact that you want to delete.

Right-click the contact’s icon and select the option to “Delete user” or “Block user.” The specific option varies, depending on the IM client you use. Repeat the step to remove other pending contacts.


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