How to Delete Other People's Posts on Facebook

by Jeff Grundy
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Facebook is the largest membership site in the world and boasts more than one billion active users. Consequently, many of the people you know in real life are probably also your friends on Facebook. Just as friends jump in and contribute to group conversations in real life, so might they in online discussions. Sometimes, though, a friend may post something you feel is inappropriate. Be it a Facebook Timeline post or a comment on a status update or photo, you can delete comments or posts you don’t want others to see -- as long as they were placed on your profile.

Removing Posts from Your Timeline

Step 1

Navigate to Facebook home page and log in to your account. Click your profile name at the top of the page to display your Timeline.

Step 2

Scroll down to the content or status update posted by your Facebook friend. Review the content or status update message to determine if it’s appropriate and if you want to leave it on your Timeline.

Step 3

Position the mouse cursor in the upper right corner of the content box of the status update or post you want to delete. When positioning the mouse cursor, an easy way to ensure you place it in the right spot in the content box is to first hover the cursor over the Facebook friend’s profile name and then move the mouse to the right corner. Once you position the cursor in the upper right corner of the content box, a small “x” labeled “Remove” pops up on the screen.

Click the “x” in the corner of the content box, and then click “Delete” in the small pop-up box. Click “Delete” again in the confirmation box that displays on the screen. Facebook deletes the post from your Timeline.

Delete Comments on Posts

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account and click your profile name at the top of the page.

Step 2

Scroll down to the status update, picture or other content on your Timeline with the objectionable comment.

Position the mouse cursor in the top right corner of the of the message box with the comment you want to delete. Click the small “x” labeled “Remove.” Facebook removes the comment automatically.


  • You cannot delete the posts of others from another member’s Timeline or pictures. However, you can delete posts you make to others’ Timelines.


  • You can also delete a comment by deleting the status update or picture to which your Facebook friend posted. If you delete the status update or picture from your Timeline, though, Facebook deletes the content completely along with all associated comments.
  • If you delete a friend’s comment from a status update or picture you posted on your Timeline, you can restore the comment and make it visible again by clicking the “Undo” link in the comments section beneath the posted content.
  • You can prevent Facebook friends from posting any pictures, status updates or other content to your timeline by changing your Privacy settings. To do this, click the gear icon at the top of your Facebook profile page, then click “Privacy Settings.” Click the “Timeline and Tagging” section in the navigation menu. Click the “Edit” link next to “Who can post on your Timeline?” label in the “Who can add things to my Timeline?” section. Change the setting in the drop-down box from “Friends” to “Only Me.”


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