How to Delete Every Other Line in Microsoft Word

By Kathryn Hatashita-Lee

Use Microsoft Word to control the line spacing between rows of text.
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In Microsoft Word 2010, you can format the line spacing throughout a document to suit your needs. Using the line spacing button on the command ribbon, you can delete unwanted spaces between rows. For example, you can convert a double-spaced document to a single-spaced document, and the document will look more condensed as well as comprise fewer pages.

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Word file in which you want to change line spacing. Select the rows of text in which you want to change the line spacing. If you wish to modify the whole document, click the "Ctrl" and "A" keys to highlight all of the text.

Step 2

Click on the "Home" tab on the command ribbon.

Step 3

Click on the "Line Spacing" button on the "Paragraph" group. This button displays two blue arrows and four lines. The drop-down menu will include values such as "1.0" for single spacing between rows.

Step 4

Click on "1.0" to convert the lining spacing to single spacing. The rows of text will look more compact.