How to Delete a Newspaper on a Kindle

by Kefa Olang

Deleting a newspaper issue from your Kindle not only frees up your device's hard disk, it keeps your library clutter-free. When you delete a newspaper from your Kindle, the copy is archived in your Amazon.com account until you remove it completely. By default, a Kindle automatically deletes newspaper issues that are more than seven issues old, but you can delete newspaper issues you're no longer interested in anytime you want.

Step 1

Press the "Home" button on your Kindle eReader and then underline the newspaper article you want to delete.

Step 2

Select "Remove from device" to delete the newspaper issue. Deleting a newspaper from your Kindle does not remove it from your Amazon library. To remove the newspaper issue completely, you must delete it from your Amazon account.

Step 3

Sign in to your Amazon account and click the "Your Account" link. Scroll down to the Digital Content section and click "Manage your Kindle" to view a list of your Kindle purchases.

Step 4

Select "Newspapers" from the View drop-down menu to display only your newspapers.

Click the "Actions" button next to the issue to delete and click "Delete from library" to permanently delete the issue from your account.


  • Your Kindle automatically deletes newspapers that are more than seven issues old. If an exclamation point appears next to a newspaper issue, it means your Kindle will delete it soon.
  • A permanently deleted newspaper issue cannot be retrieved. If you want the same title, you must repurchase it.

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